Big Bad Art

Big Bad Art (Documentary)

Director: Andrew Ohanesian
Length: 44 Minutes

Andrew Ohanesian is an emerging artist who is stressing, strategizing, sighing, and just plain soldiering on in the weeks leading up to the biggest show of his career. In order to execute this ambitious new work, an experiential installation titled “The House Party,” Andrew has to oversee the design and construction —down to the last detail— of an entirely free-standing, suburban-style house inside a reputable, if underdog, Williamsburg art gallery.

Come opening night, only a house full of wild partygoers can bring the piece to life, and Andrew will be remembered —or so he hopes— for audaciously combining art and debauchery. In the hyper-illogical, multibillion-dollar art market, a stunt like this could catapult Andrew to artistic and financial success. “Failure,” on the other hand, would surely doom him to the butt end of a quickly forgotten joke.