Kamil K. Nawratil

“The Hybrid Connection Between Technology and Organic Systems” presented by Volvoxx Labs.

Kamil K. Nawratil is a Polish­-born visual­technologist, artist and creative director based in Brooklyn, New York. Driven by motion and the unpredictable, chaos and equilibrium, between the organic and artificial, the tangible and abstract, his inspiration is manifested through digital sculptures and immersive audiovisual installations. Whether depicting nature in an extraordinary form, creating responsive systems or mapping architectural installations, his design process is united around the tension between nature, humans and technology. His worked has been featured at Wired, Sonar, Siggraph HongKong, Renew, Copenhagen, Lumen Prize Exhibit, SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX; TEDx, Brooklyn; Kinetica Fair, London; and has been featured on Creators Project, Fast Company, Create Digital Motion, Creative Applications, and Communications Art magazine,​among others.

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