Komplex Live Cinema Group


“Komplex 28 GTA” is a storytelling experience integrating the urban architecture of downtown Athens. The city is a book whose story is uncovered by smartphone. The Burroughs-esque and ironic narrative about power and control takes about 5 hours to fully discover, while walking through downtown Athens.

Komplex reshapes the aims of augmented reality, transforming the smartphone into a White Rabbit able to reveal the occult side of the city’s architectural surfaces and skyline. The work empowers the viewers, and offers a psychogeographic adventure in which an outer world hidden beyond the surface of reality is discovered. Komplex 28 GTA recalls John Carpenter’s 1988 film “They Live,” but lived for real.

Komplex is interested in creating boundless Situations that allow the audience to wander in wonders.

Komplex 28 GTA grew out of the original “Komplex 28″ project: http://www.lebfilm.com/28.html