Luke Fields

Comedy Night
Saturday, April 2nd @ 8pm
40 Watt

Luke Fields is a musician, comedian, and stupid idiot living in Athens, GA. Host of the former locals-turned-comedians show “HACKS” at the Caledonia Lounge, he has performed with many comedians who make much more money than he does and are appreciably funnier. Here is a sampling of the names of those people, since you monsters are so fond of lists these days: Patton Oswalt, Tig Notaro, Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, Brian Posehn, and such. If you like rambling anecdotes about classic action cinema or stories about someone ELSE’s mother doing cocaine, he’s your guy. If you like muted yet strange energy, he’s your guy. If you like motorcycles or pinball machines, don’t even bother showing up at the show. Just be at his house later.